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Finally Summer! One of the most awaited seasons for many of us, but when the heat breaks out it’s even less simple to solve the question “how do I dress today?”. Especially in the city, if you have to go out and just want to wear a swimming suit, eat a fresh ice lolly and stay by the pool.

Don’t worry, I tell you a few tricks for feeling fresh and comfortable even on the hottest days, without giving up feeling beautiful and feminine.

Choose breathable fabrics clothes

Pay attention to the label and choose breathable fabrics clothes, such as cotton, linen, viscose and silk.

These fabrics, of natural origin, allow you to stay fresh and dry, reducing the feeling of humidity. Stay fluttering and light, how not to have it.

Mid-length dresses and skirts

In the city and for the office it’s better to avoid too short dresses, skirts or shorts. These garments, usually suitable for the sea, risk being inappropriate. Medium lengths, such as skirts below the knee or a pair of Bermuda shorts, are chic and tidy, without giving up showing a little more skin.

Don’t undervalue a right pair of shoes

Shoes are also important. Depending on personal preferences and occasion, you can alternate sandals, espadrilles, shoes tied at the ankle and slippers (not rubber beach ones).

For the office, if you don’t like showing your whole foot, you can opt for slingback shoes or mules (open on the heel)

Finally, Birkenstocks are very fashionable, and if you like them, they go nice with a long dress or trousers. Here’s a post on Instagram to find out how to match them.

Also sneakers are ok, as long as they let the foot breathe.

Bags and accessories

Personal style is embellish thanks to the choice of bags and accessories, which complete and elevate the look.

In summer you are spoiled for choice: shoulder bags in pastel or bright tones or by hand in materials such as raffia or fabric.

Scarfs are extra gear this season and a really must have: both combined with the handle of the handbag, and in the hair, braided, or used to tie the ponytail, but not only. I blogged here.

Finally, don’t forget to choose sunglasses that make you feel better, both for the shape of the face and for the color.

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