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Holidays are finally here! A bit of relaxation in the mountains, lakeside trekkings or sunbathing and swimming at the seaside?

No matter the destination, packing the suitcase is always rather a puzzle. Sometimes we are forced to give up on something to close it; other times we forget something or, even worse, we carry a lot of stuff we end up not using.

So? How to do it?

Today I will tell you a few tricks I learned and use every time.

Make a good selection

Think about your trip, the destination and the weather it will be. Then prepare a list of which and how many occasions you will have to “dress” (for example beach looks, excursions, dinner out or special events).

Now choose the garments from your wardrobe based on the combinations you want to wear and compose the looks on the bed or on a comfortable surface. Help yourself with clothes suitable for different occasions and basic clothing (such as black or white t-shirt, shorts, midi skirts, palazzo pants or light jeans).

Don’t forget your favorite dress or match. Prepare service items such as nightdress and underwear.

Always add a foulard that will serve to vary the look and to protect yourself from the sun or air conditioning.

A trick: after mixing your looks, mark them on your phone or take theme a photo to remember all the combinations even when you unpack your suitcase. You won’t be afraid that you have forgotten something.

How to maximize space

Organizers are very useful, i.e. the cases available both online and in stores that help to arrange the clothes in the suitcase without wrinkling them.

Simply divide garments and roll or fold them well in each organizer. After that, composing the suitcase will be very simple! Many sets also contain bags for packing shoes and to keep clean items separate from cloths to take to the laundry.

The mini-sizes

It’s easy to find online and in stores the mini-sizes of many shampoos, shower gels and other personal hygiene products, which are an excellent space-saving solution. But if you prefer to use the products you already have at home, you can choose the reusable travel container sets.

Very useful are toiletry bags to hang in the bathroom.

Choose your accessories carefully

Necklaces, bandanas, hats are essential to complete the look and to give a touch of originality to the different outfits.

In order not to damage the hats, they can be stored in the suitcase by placing one of the garment bags in the center.

Hand luggage: what to take

Very practical, especially when you have to take a plane, it’s carry a backpack or a travel bag of the right size. Inside take with you travel documents, electronic devices (such as mobile phones, headphones, battery chargers and power banks), basic medicines in a special pouch, shoulder bag or minibag, a solid snack, a travel pillow and a k-way, depending on the destination.

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