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Every time the same story occurs, we can be at Intimissimi or La Perla but choosing the right bra for us always sends us into confusion, doesn’t it?

Finding the perfect bra that is beautiful, comfortable, durable and suited to our shape may seem like an almost impossible task, but I assure you that with the right care, knowledge of our body and a bit of budget at our disposal we can renew our lingerie drawer with truly excellent garments.

Let’s see together how to start this search!


It is necessary to understand the volume and proportions of our body, but also the bra size in terms of torso circumference and cup.

This can even solve health problems that might develop due to incorrect posture or too tight laces and hooks.

We are not all a ‘third, B-cup’, yet many brands, especially of fast fashion, insist on offering too standardised sizes.

Here, then, it is essential to balance the harmony of one’s body and…

getting help from a Bra Fitter

Bra fitters are professionals who know exactly how to find the right bra for every body. They can usually be found in specialised boutiques and take care of measuring your breasts, finding the cup, recommending the model and adapting the fit.

I find that trying a Bra Fitting service is really essential to solve the most common problems you have while trying to buy a new bra. I did it and it really made my life easier!

If you are in Milan, Naples or Rome I recommend the Patty Bloom boutiques.

Knowing your body shape and size

Let’s really start with the basics: understanding what your body shape is and choosing clothes accordingly is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. As a matter of fact, in this way, we can learn to keep in our wardrobe only clothes that valorise our body and highlight all our strengths.

5 bra models to try

Shopping for a bra often brings us face to face with many models that we know very little about. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of 5 different types!


The bralette is a very comfortable model, without underwire and often without padding. It can be made of lace, microfibre or cotton and most often has a triangle shape and no hooks at the back.

It is especially suitable for those with a small or medium-small size because it does not offer as much support as a large size needs.


The opposite of the bralette: the push-up model has underwire and padded cups. Its function is to help you gain one to two sizes and to, literally, pull up your breasts. It is much loved but also much hated because it can be uncomfortable if chosen incorrectly.

Pay attention therefore to the fit of the cup, avoid a too small or too large size.


The balconette or balconette bra has very low-cut (and therefore super sexy) cups and a side position of the straps. Very structured, it obviously has underwiring and often also padding. Sometimes we find it in the form of a bustier.


This type of bra is manufactured from elastic materials which can reduce the breast volume by one or two sizes. It therefore has excellent support thanks to the underwire and the low-cut cup.

Be careful not to choose it too tight, it should not be too constricting.


The bandeau bra is one of the first models used by girls entering the world of lingerie. Very sporty, it is usually made of microfibre and often strapless.

It has no underwire or structure, so is suitable for smaller sizes.

And do you use a bra? Which is your favourite model?

Let’s talk about it on Instagram!

See you soon


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