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Dear friends, the most magical moment of the year has arrived and this means the green light for celebrations, dinners, company lunches, special moments with friends and family.

Today we discover together some look ideas for all these occasions, combining garments suitable for parties and which can be reused even after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Let’s see them together.

Look for a company Christmas dinner

Each working environment has its own identity and values, therefore it’s important to respect this principles and the required dress code.

 The look can be depending on the formality of the event, the location and the type of evening. For a gala event-style dress code, it’s better to opt for long, enveloping dresses or formal suits and prefer solid colors, avoiding too deep necklines.

Some glitter, lamé or lace details are definitely suitable, keeping the look sober and neutral with tone-on-tone combinations and without excessive transparencies.

The idea of ​​a tuxedo-style look for women is super trendy. And if you remember, in the article dedicated to AUTUMN/WINTER 2024 TRENDS, we saw that the androgynous style is very popular and tie represents a true must-have.

Complete your look with pumps or flat pointed shoes, such as Mary Janes, dark or sheer stockings (not too heavy) and a mini bag. If you want, just one of these can be the accessory that gives that bright touch of Holidays.

For a dinner that requires less formality, you can show off a bolder look, such as a patterned or sequined skirt or trousers combined with a shirt. In this case, knee-length or slightly longer dresses are also ok.

And conversely, shirt or jacket can be the focal point, with sequins or glitter. The only rule to keep in mind is that the most eye-catching item will be the focus of your look, so wear it according to your strong point 😉

Lunch with colleagues

A lunch with colleagues is an occasion that normally doesn’t require too many claims. Precisely for this reason the look can recall the normal work outfit. Trousers and shirt combination from your wardrobe is always a must-have. You can opt for a shirt with transparencies or a perforated sweater, which perhaps you have already purchased for a special occasion. In these cases, remember to use covering underwear.

If you prefer a simpler, more neutral or a total black look, aim to enhance it with a bright detail, such as a brooch or a necklace. Simple yes, but certainly effective. Even the sweaters with light points are suitable and reusable even in January.

Celebrations with friends or New Year’s Eve

Feel comfortable is the key word. Wear what best represents your festive spirit and the type of evening you will have.

For something different from the usual evening look, I suggest a velvet dress or skirt. Velvet recalls the Christmas holidays and you can also find jackets to wear with trousers or skirts of the same colour. Definitely an elegant choice, but one that can be adapted to many different looks.

If your priority is to feel comfortable and warm you can opt for a dress or skirt paired with a wool or tricot effect sweater or a slightly oversized cardigan. Also in this case there are some with pearl details or with light points on the shoulders, perfect for the whole winter.

May be right for you also a knitted dress. You can enhance the waist by adding a belt (simply perfect if it also has a bright detail), or choose a more slippery model. Depending on what you prefer, both pumps and knee-high boots or ankle boots look great.

For a super sparkling New Year’s Eve party this year it’s possible to find various proposals for shirts with lurex details and transparencies, which can also be worn in combination with other patterned or sequined garments. Definitely an impressive look, which is more difficult on other days of the year.

Family time

This is the type of occasion where you can wear the Christmas sweater they gave you, or the maxi-sweaters with winter patterns.

It may not be the most elegant choice among those seen so far, but we all have at least one and they immediately put a good mood.

Tone it down with trousers or jeans and you will be comfortable but immediately in the party atmosphere. Don’t overdo it with necklaces and accessories at the top so as not to weigh down the already important focus of the sweater.

Another choice that makes Christmas right away? The tartan. It returns promptly as a December trend and there are many ways to wear it, whether it’s a skirt, trousers or a tartan suit, it will look great with any sweater or shirt in colors that recall it, from red to white or black or dark green.

Let me know if you liked these looks and tell me in the comments which ones you will wear.

I conclude this article with my best wishes for a Happy Holidays!

I’ll wait for you on Instagram for more content and we’ll see you in the new year with the next appointments and events.

See you soon!


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