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Time to get back to the daily routine, something difficult in itself.

To start off on the right foot, let’s see some look ideas to a return to the office simply using clothes in your closet.


Perfect for facing first colds, blazer triumphs among the outerwear and we all have one in our wardrobes. Is a true ally for the office and for seasonal changes. In lighter colors or already in autumn tones, it’s a guarantee.

Shirt and T-shirt

A simple but never banal idea: a white shirt or t-shirt to match with your favorite trousers. It takes little to make a tidy and comfortable look. The creative touch color combinations are also good. Remember: tone on tone will help elongate your figure and express elegance, especially on light or neutral colors such as beige, cream, gray or blue.

Bermuda or shorts

How nice, whit this clothing it feels like being on vacation yet. Choose from your wardrobe a pair of shorts of the right length, not too short. A viable alternative to trousers or skirts, to leave your legs uncovered a little longer.

And if you’re wondering… yes, you can wear them also over 40. Find out more in my Instagram post.

A dress to impress

So comfortable and fluttering, it immediately puts in a good mood, and makes us very chic. To face the first cold days, just add a cardigan, a blazer, a short sweater or even a faux leather jacket; It will be perfect.


Don’t give it up, it’s the detail that gives the note of elegance to any combination you’ve chosen from our wardrobe. In addition helps enhance your waistline.

Time to put on some comfortable shoes

We’re ready, a slight, gentle touch of makeup, one last look in the mirror and it’s time to put on your shoes. Sneakers, moccasins, sandals or flats are the best choice to complete the look, still taking advantage of sunny days to stay comfortable.

What do you think? Easier than it seems, isn’t it?

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Se you soon!


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