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No, I am not exaggerating! Shaping lingerie can really change the way we perceive our bodies, whether for an important day or any ordinary one.

This type of lingerie is known by many names: spanx, girdle, shaping lingerie, etc.. However, the result it promises is the same for everyone: hiding small ‘imperfections’ that do not make us feel good about our bodies.

Often underwear is associated with something old-fashioned and uncomfortable but I assure you that this is not the case, just think that even Kim Kardashian has made a business out of it by launching her Skims line.

Be sure to choose it according to your skin colour, it will be more versatile and practically invisible under light-coloured clothes.

This type of underwear should also not constrict or create discomfort, so it is in no way comparable to waist-training corsets.

Let’s see together how underwear can help us feel better:


You may have noticed that some dresses do not fit in the same way when worn with an underwire bra or a bralette. If our breasts do not satisfy us or have, by necessity, succumbed to gravity, it is possible to ‘help’ them with modelling bras that support and give a more harmonious shape.

Modelling bras can also come in ‘bizarre’ shapes to fit necklines, especially those of evening dresses. Indeed, not everyone feels comfortable without a bra, which is why modelling bras come to our aid.

The most important thing, however, is to choose your own size, perhaps with the help of a professional who will then choose the most suitable model for you. Knowing your torso circumference and your cup size is important to find the best possible fit.


Shaping briefs with a high or very high waist really help those who want to contain their abdomen and give their bottom a more defined shape. It is also used by celebrities on the red carpet if the dress worn is particularly tight.

Some shaping briefs also have padding on the back to increase volume, did you know that? It must be said that shaping underwear is now really for all needs!



If the critical areas are located on the legs, shaping shorts are just right for us!

Particularly indicated in summer if our thighs rub together and create unpleasant irritation when we wear skirts and dresses.


Either you love it or you hate it, the bodysuit can be comfortable for some and uncomfortable for others.
It is usually worn if a ‘sheath’ effect is desired, since it completely envelops the upper torso. Some bodysuits also have a padded bra, others have space to insert a separate bra.
I recommend the leotard especially for winter because being so tight-fitting could really make us feel very warm!

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