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I think we can all agree that in winter one of the most complicated challenges is dressing in such a way as to face the cold, while still feeling comfortable and chic.

Matching outerwear to our look is a choice to be made with the right care, to face the days with safety, comfort and style.

It seems difficult, but let’s see together which are the most versatile garments and therefore the must haves for our wardrobe.

Before starting

Before shopping, the choice always starts from exploring our needs. Each outerwear is available in many variations, lengths, models, colors and materials. How to do?

  1. Check the label to make sure to feel well covered: a high percentage of natural fibers such as wool and cashmere protect better than synthetic fibres.
  2. Ask yourself in which occasion you will wear your outerwear. Do you need a practical or more sophisticated item? The length and the model influence the look (an everyday coat is better in a medium length, a down jacket is the best choice for a more sporty combination, finally a long coat recalls a more elegant look).
  3. Try the one that suits you best. Each model can help to enhance our figure and our strong points (more fitted coats, models that create volume on the upper part, or simple lines and straight cuts, presence of large pockets, etc.)
  4. A friendly wardrobe contains basic clothes that can be combined with different looks. Don’t just follow fashions, let’s choose what makes you feel good and embraces your personal style. If you don’t have that outwear yet, choose it in a neutral shade (like black, blue, beige or gray which go with everything). If you opt for different colors, remember: it’s always possible to complete the look matching accessories such as scarves or hats and with the rest of the look.

Let’s now compare the different outerwear and their characteristics.

Puffer & Down Jacket

Down Jacket is the icon of everyday comfort. It can be found in different weights and sometimes very quilted. Down jacket is a true ally for a practical look, for days outdoors and informal situations.

Many of us don’t like them, perhaps because they remind us of winters during childhood when we went out so wrapped up that we felt too bulky. It goes without saying, however, that they are the most popular solution against the cold and rain.

We can also experiment it with colorful down jacket for a lively looks, to give a bold boost to the day.

Recommended combinations: sweater, ankle boots and jeans. Monochromatic trousers and sweatshirt for a sporty chic look. Proof of its versatility? Pair it with a long skirt and an ankle boot (amphibians are also ok).


The coat is one of the emblems of elegance and for refined looks.

Also in this case we find ourselves faced with a very versatile garment: the variable length, together with the choice of fabric, is what makes it combinable on different occasions and ways. Longer coats give a more elegant appearance, as well as keeping you warmer. The shorter ones (knee-length or mid-thigh) are suitable for an everyday look and are a finer alternative to the down jacket.

Recommended combinations: you can range from an everyday look to more formal clothes. Wear it over sweatshirts or sweaters or jeans at the weekend, or over a suit or more formal trousers to be refined.

There are so many models and they are often designed to enhance different physiques. The “Teddy Bear” coats are interesting, their soft and furry texture makes them an irresistible choice for a cozy and trendy outfit.

Any advice for fighting the cold? It’s really common to find coat + goose down combinations on sale, even sleeveless ones. You can recreate the same on your own.

Follow me on Instagram I will make a dedicated post to the coats and models that best suit different body shapes. Don’t miss it!

Faux fur

Can it be winter without faux fur? Very chic but not only!

A must have of this season. Available in different colours, sometimes with refined, multicolored patterns or bright nuances. The choice may vary between models of different lengths: short or medium length jackets, longer or sleeveless coats. It’s really a trend this winter.

Its versatility lies in the different combination possibilities.

It’s possible to wear faux fur both in a casual way, with a slightly boho touch, over shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts, even over leather jackets with jeans and sneakers or trousers and ankle boots. But it is also super chic combined with a formal look, a short dress, skirts and knee-high boots or dark stockings and décolleté. Avoid pairing it with overly sporty garments, with which the contrast is less effective.

In case of bright colors or patterns, the look can be balanced with combinations in more neutral tones, in order to keep the main focus on the fur.


Parkas are a good answer when it’s cold: they are often lined with down or synthetic fiber and equipped with a hood with faux fur.

These characteristics, in addition to its usually waterproof, make the parka particularly suitable in autumn and winter.

Better to prefer it for an everyday look, as its lines are not suitable for a formal combination. For the rest you can try with every combination for a casual daily look, such as sweaters, sweatshirts and trousers of all kinds.

Do you want to discover other alternatives?

Take a look at this post on Instagram dedicated to outerwear that can be chosen as a valid alternative to down jackets.

Or, you may find interesting this article on my blog on autumn-winter 2024 trends, about the most iconic garments and colors of the season.

I hope you enjoyed this journey through outerwear. Let me know with a comment which one is your favorite.

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See you!


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